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Async Segment Limit

We are using an on-premise controller and an app agent through Tomcat.Our metrics collection stops after a while.  We see a message in the agent log file that roughly lines up with when metrics collection stops.I have searched for this message, but c...

Are there user management logs I can use to determine duplicated users, sign-up process status, last login-in date and activity?

Hi team, I'm using a SAAS controller. I have so many duplicates users on my account management module, And I would find a way to detect the last status of them and to detect their activity logs. I want to delete the duplicate users from my account ma...

Resolved! Health rule Timeframe

Hi,When creating a health rule, use data from last ----- mins (1 to 120 mins), Is this the rolling time window ? Like every time it calculates the last X minutes ? Is there any way to choose the static timeframe ? Means, Choose the first 5 mins of da...