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What are the limitations in SaaS based App Dynamics?

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We are planning to implement SaaS App Dynamics model in my office.So we would like to know the pros and cons of SaaS App Dynamics model and limitations in SaaS App Dynamics model.Also difference between SaaS App Dynamics and On-Premises AppDynamics Analytics.Thanks


AppDynamics Team



Limitations on SAAS controller are 
1) You cannot allow custom actions to be executed.
2) You cannot make any changes to controller settings if this is a multi tenant account as other accounts are affected by any such changes.
3) Health Rule violations happens with respect to PST time zone as SAAS controllers are hosted in Data Centers in US.






We're using the SaaS environment for our controller.  I understand that we don't have access to the "admin console" because of the multi-tenant issues involved.  We aren't asking for access, but how do we find out what the controller settings are for our SaaS environment?  In orther words, how do we find out what the values for the settings that would normally be controlled via the admin console?  For instance, how do we find out the setting for "sim.docker.machine.container.limit"?





Scott Brzenk

Hi All!


In the SaaS environment how can we adjust the nde reternion time to remove terminated containers if we cannot login into the admin console?

Configuring Node Activity Settings

The node activity settings are global settings that the root AppDynamics administrator can modify from the administration console:

  • node.permanent.deletion.period: Time (in hours) after which a node that has lost contact with the Controller is deleted permanently from the system. The default is 720 hours, the minimum value is 6 hours, and the maximum value for this setting is unlimited. 
  • node.retention.period: Time (in hours) after which a node that has lost contact with the Controller is deleted. In this case, the AppDynamics UI will not display the node, however the system will continue to retain it. The default is 500 hours, the minimum value is