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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

Python Code For Data Extraction using OAuth API Client

Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Python Code For Data Extraction using OAuth API Client


With recent release (4.5) we see "API Client" through which we can pull metric data via POST API.

Even though we have documentation available at

But I have not been able to execute it successully, so thought to check with you.


In below code, we have API Client named 'test21' and Account i am taking by default that is customer1.


Appreciate your help. 


geturl = 'https://'+ControllerPort+'/controller/api/oauth/access_token'
client_secret = '<<Secret_Copied>>'
data = {'grant_type': 'client_credentials','Content-Type': 'application/vnd.appd.cntrl+protobuf;v=1'}
access_token_response =, data=data, verify=False, allow_redirects=False, auth=('test21@customer1', client_secret))



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Python Code For Data Extraction using OAuth API Client
Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Any thoughts and help in this?
Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Just realized this thread i raised did not have any solution marked.


I accomplished so sharing for broader community. 


replace 'token' with big token string without quotes in the headers.



import requests


headers = {

    'Authorization': 'Bearer token',



# Sample Query to fetch all applications

response = requests.get('https://<<CONTROLLERHOST>>:8181/controller/rest/applications', headers=headers, verify=False)

print(response.text) # OR response.content



Either you use Token directly like above, OR you can get token generated from secret of API Client like below: 

curl -k -X POST -H "Content-Type: application/vnd.appd.cntrl+protobuf;v=1" "https://<<CONTROLLER:8181/controller/api/oauth/access_token " -d “grant_type=client_credentials&client_id=XYZ@customer1&client_secret=4c45*****801”




New Member


To generate temporary access token using python, you can use request library of python .



  generate_token_url="https://<Controller URL>/controller/api/oauth/access_token"
  payload = {
  token_headers = { "Content-Type": "application/vnd.appd.cntrl+protobuf;v=1" }
  generate_token_response = requests.request("POST", generate_token_url, headers=token_headers, data=payload).json()
you just need to change client_id and client_secret in payload
Community Manager

Hi, @keshav.Swami 


Thanks for sharing that information. This is a peer-to-peer community, so helping others is key to the community's success

Ryan, AppDynamics Community Manager

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