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Python Code For Data Extraction using OAuth API Client

Vaibhav Vir.Singh


With recent release (4.5) we see "API Client" through which we can pull metric data via POST API.

Even though we have documentation available at

But I have not been able to execute it successully, so thought to check with you.


In below code, we have API Client named 'test21' and Account i am taking by default that is customer1.


Appreciate your help. 


geturl = 'https://'+ControllerPort+'/controller/api/oauth/access_token'
client_secret = '<<Secret_Copied>>'
data = {'grant_type': 'client_credentials','Content-Type': 'application/vnd.appd.cntrl+protobuf;v=1'}
access_token_response =, data=data, verify=False, allow_redirects=False, auth=('test21@customer1', client_secret))




Vaibhav Vir.Singh

Any Updates or Response?

Hi Vaibhav 


I am able to run this succcessfully. See the below command for your referance. 


curl -H "Authorization:Bearer Authkey ""

Hi Umerveli,
Thanks for confirming the same.
Could you please share your python code snippet?...

Hi vaibhav

I did not develop any python code...if you can share your full code i can test with my controller and get back to you.




I had already provided you with above. (Original mail)
You said you were able to extract, so was curious.
Even curl is not working for me which you mentioned.please elaborate that part of you can.

Appreciate it.

Do you have time for quick webex?

I am not sure if I can share it on WebEx.

Any help on above?

Ok lets take one step back.


the command I tested is curl -H "Authorization:Bearer Authkey ""


so when you create a API client from Adminstartion tab then make sure you use access token not the client secret

Under the roles I tried with Admin not sure which role you are trying but I am not saying that it should be an admin 




I tried above it is working (no issue with my setup)

My query is how to use secreta nd create token and use that for subsequent multiple REST API calls.