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Pros and cons of consolidating the controllers




I would like to hear your opinion on this item. What are the advantages/disadvantages or pros and cons of consolidating different controllers under a single controller. What are the probable pain points?





AppDynamics Team


I'm not sure if I have understood your query correctly but you can take a look at our below docs that explains the difference between the Single v/s Multi-tenant mode in controller



Mohammed Rayan

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Thanks Mohammed. I did take a look the supplied information but it doesnt answer my question completely. If I have a shared node used by different aplications A & B. If application A is part of controller A and application B is part of controller B, I wont be able to see the flow map from application A to B as they are part of different controllers. By consolidating the controllers, it will help me see the flow map from application A to B. This is one example. In the same way what are the pros and cons of consolidating different controllers?


For example, if you have different controllers in your environment, why would you consolidate them? When do you use different controllers ?


I see this in KB you shared? If this true for Cloud deployment?



While it is possible to switch from single-tenancy to multi-tenancy mode, note that it's not possible to switch from multi-tenancy to single-tenancy








A quick question.  Why are both applications not reporting to the same controllers to begin with?  I would think if you want to see the flow between A and B applications, then both should be reporting to the same controller. Without that common controller, then it would think it be imposible to see the flow as you would like.  




Thanks dzv. Let's say the folks who implemememnted appdynamics didnt know how to do things so they pointed agents to different controllers resulting in a mess.


I figured out the disadvantagaes of using many controllers.


  1. More time and effort required for tools administration
  2. Topology/Application dependencies won’t be visible
  3. Incomplete cross application flow map, Topology, dashboards and data/metric aggregation
  4. Possible non-standardized configuration, dashboards etc.

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