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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

Profiling Azure Worker Role in AppDynamics


Profiling Azure Worker Role in AppDynamics

Hello All,


I am looking for something to do for Azure Worker Roles what New Relic and AppDynamics can do for Microsoft Azure Web Roles. I have tried both solutions for my background workers with little success. Am I missing something in configuration for either of these services or is there another service out there that can do what I need? I am open to hosting my own service if there is an option I run "locally".

What I'm looking for:


1. See hot paths (Which methods are taking up the most CPU)
2. See bottle necks (Methods that are stalling, and the callers would be nice)
3. Near real-time CPU/Memory/Disk/Network usage
4. Web Interface to view all of these stats

Nice to have:


Pull windows and azure event logs from the server



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Profiling Azure Worker Role in AppDynamics



Have you looked at the following documentation?


Once the above is done, you can set custom businesss transactions and information points for the metrics you mentioned in your post.