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Node / Metric Limit Monitoring


Hi Team,

Is there is a possibility to monitor or capture metric of node/metric limit for a particular controller. Reason behind this is there are many controller and it would be great if we can have common dashboard where we can monitor all controller limit as it is difficult to see on each admin.jsp page to see the limit 


AppDynamics Team

There is no out of box feature to create dashboard to monitor limits, But there is a " Controller Limits Monitoring Extension", This extension will enable you to create metric out of controller limit and usage and you can create health rules on it if the metric crosses a certain value and trigger alerts. Please reach out to AppDynamics Support team if you need this extension. 


thanks for the response. What would be name of the metric, will it be relating to node / metric limit?

Metrics will be as below. along with various other Limit monitoring...

Custom Metrics|Limits|Accounts|<accountName>|Node|Maximum Limit
Custom Metrics|Limits|Accounts|<accountName>|Node|Current Usage
Custom Metrics|Limits|Accounts|<accountName>|Node|Status

New Member


I monitor metrics and limits for multiple AppDynamics controllers in a common dashboard:

  1. Use the AppDynamics REST API to gather data.
  2. Create a dashboard with tools like Grafana or Tableau.
  3. Store data centrally for historical analysis.
  4. Automate data collection and scheduling.
  5. Set up alerts for thresholds and limits.

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Thank you.