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Controller (SaaS, On Premises)

How do I integrate SaaS AppD with IBM NetCool

Thuhin Raj.Das

How do I integrate SaaS AppD with IBM NetCool



How do I integrate SaaS AppD with IBM NetCool. I have currently setup Alert notification to NetCool. However, I want ot remove this method and trying to send the Alert to NetCool over HTTPS.


Please guide me to acheive this.




Best Regards


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How do I integrate SaaS AppD with IBM NetCool
Thuhin Raj.Das

Mind you, mine is a SaaS AppDynamics setup.


Hello -

To integrate our SaaS AppD with Netcool, we created an Impact Policy that get alerts from the REST API. Use the Impact built-in functions GetHTTP, ConvertXMLToImpactObjects, and .NewEvent.


You will also need to make sure your Impact instance has access to the AppD Controller (DigiCert Certificate imported to your truststore for Impact Server and Proxy configured).


High-level, here are your steps:


//Get a cookie/login
Path = "/controller/auth?action=login";  
login = GetHTTP(HttpHost, HttpPort, Protocol, Path, ChannelKey, Method, AuthHandlerActionTreeName, FormParameters, FilesToSend, HeadersToSend, HttpProperties); 


//Get the list of applications

Path = "/controller/rest/applications/";  
xml = GetHTTP(HttpHost, HttpPort, Protocol, Path, ChannelKey, Method, AuthHandlerActionTreeName, FormParameters, FilesToSend, HeadersToSend, HttpProperties);


//Convert XML to Impact Objects
applicationList = ConvertXMLToImpactObjects(xml);


//Cycle through the applications for each alert

numOfApps = length(applicationList['applications'][0]['application']); 


//Get alerts from all applications

Path = "/controller/rest/applications/{apps from app list}/problems/healthrule-violations?time-range-type=BEFORE_NOW&duration-in-mins=10;


//Get XML to parse
xml GetHTTP(HttpHost, HttpPort, Protocol, Path, ChannelKey, Method, AuthHandlerActionTreeName, FormParameters, FilesToSend, HeadersToSend, HttpProperties);


//Convert XML to Impact Objects
convertedXml = ConvertXMLToImpactObjects(xml);


//Set new OMNIbus Event Reader 
Event = NewEvent("OMNIbusEventReader");
Event.EventReaderName = "OMNIbusEventReader";


//Pass XML to Event Objects

affectedEntityName = convertedXml['policy-violations'][0]['policy-violation'][y]['affectedEntityDefinition'][0]['name']; 
Event.Node = affectedEntityName;


  //Return event object to OMNIbus