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Getting issues trying to install the Controller on Linux


hello all,

I'm using windows 10, ram 4, 64 bit, core i7.

I'm trying to install controller_64bit_windows-


After accepting the agreement, license, username, and passwords.

cmd line message =>

"would you Installing the Reports Service for Windows.

install Event "

then it takes time until I get an error, " tying to start database but it might take time "

I keep going with this message then I get nothing after hours!







hi all,


1) lately I tried to install the controller on the Linux machine but it takes about more than two hours and some lag and slow performance on my machine and even my machine does not respond for shut down orders and so on.


2) If I get the installation done after this time I get a license issue and I couldn't log into the controller on the server. I get this error "License file is not specified. Please drop the license file in the controller installation directory"


3) the last issue I get, if I restart the machine, I lose my server and should start again the slow two hours installation journey (# the first error above).


In the end, I tried to solve each issue of these around the whole last week without something new and sure there is a lot I miss about appDynamics.


(*) I got a suggestion from a friend to see if there is a chance to run all these on the server machine not on my own machine to see if I can solve the third issue (#3) the last issue).

=> if the suggestion not allowed for now, please support with other.



this commands helped me to start the server

Linux users, run the following commands:

  shell> cd <Controller_install_dir>/bin
  shell> ./ stop-appserver
  shell> ./ stop-db

  shell> ./ start-db
  shell> ./ start-appserver


in the page http://<hostname>:8090/controller

i get a white blank page , which should load controller page .



Where is your Enterprise Console installed? Can you jump on it and see what settings you setup for your Controller?


The steps for deploying can be found here (focus on the on-premise sections):


Console instructions:


Controller instructions:


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