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Difference in granularity between UI and API




I'm using the SaaS controller.  I'm familiar with metric rollup but there is a difference in data granularity between the SaaS UI and the output from the metric-data REST endpoint.


Currently I'm looking at some data in the UI and it shows 1 minute intervals for a week ago.  However when I query the same approximate time range from the REST API, it's giving me 1 hour intervals.  Rollup is false.  I've tried adjusting the start time of my REST query to be < 1 week ago.  The time range of my query is 2 hours.


Through trial and error, it looks like the API returns 1 hour granularity for times more than about 24 hours ago.  Somewhere between 12-24 hours ago, I get 10 minute granularity and 1 minute for less than that.


Is there a way I can get the 1 minute granularity from REST.  Obviously the data exists if the UI is showing it to me.




AppDynamics Team

Thank you for your question on the community!

First of all, the granularity you can get via REST API is different from the Controller UI.
You can get recent data with only the following granularity via REST API:
- 1-minute granularity for the last 1 day.
- 10-minute granularity for the last 2 day.

On the other hand, a resolution of metric data on the controller UI depends on a time range you select.
Also please take note that all data at 1-minute resolution is deleted after 8 days as described in the link below:

Best regards,