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Controller APIs full list



Is there a more comprehensive or full list of Controller APIs other than this documentation page?

I have come across several AppD users/extensions/tools that use AppD APIs that are not listed in the official documentation. 

For example, the is a configuration API to mark a node as historical, but surely there must be other commands to also execute with a node, like to delete it, but there is no documentation on it so how would a client know what the syntax is?
POST /controller/rest/mark-nodes-historical?application-component-node-ids=value

Hoping someone can assist. A quick search through the community posts about the APIs (Results are 800+), did not reveal anything. 



Community Manager

Hi @Dietrich.Meier,

I'm asking around internally, but you may want to reach out to your AppD Rep as they may also have more insight into extra resources for you. 


Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager

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AppDynamics Team

Hi @Dietrich.Meier , All the AppDynamics public APIs are documented on - 
Syntax of API to mark Nodes as Historical is as follow -

Format : POST /controller/rest/mark-nodes-historical?application-component-node-ids=value 

You would just need to pass node ID and make POST call to mark node historical. Let us know if you are seeing any issue while using this API. 

Thanks for that

Thanks for the input