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Business Transaction in Email Template


On our SaaS controller, we're looking to create a health rule that checks all business transactions' average response times and trigger an email action based on baseline deviations. 

I'm creating an email template that I would like to include as much information as possible on what triggerd it.

Ideally we would like to see the specific business transaction that had a high response time in the email but I can't determine what the variable to use is.

We've created a template that will show the application, the severity, the name of the health rule, but can't seem to find information on specifics.

The health rule checks all business transactions, but if say "/default.aspx" is the BT that is experiencing higher than normal average response times, I'd like to have that listed in the email.

Any ideas or has anyone come across this?


AppDynamics Team


We understand that you want to have bt name in the alert. Can you add below variable to get the bt name in the alert.
Please make sure that health rule tied to this Action is for Business transaction only as not every entity would be of type business transaction. Let us know how if it helps.




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Are there any available documents or detailed list of what is available within affectedEntities or other available classes?

I found this document but it is very unclear and doesn't seem to list most available pieces of information:


I'm now trying to show the specific measurement / metric that failed.

IE: if a health rule is triggering crtiical due to a BT average response time being below baseline, I'd like to have the subject show the BT and the measurement failure or detail this in the email body without using the standard template's 'eventMessage' since this has much more information in it that we wouldn't need on initial page of an issue.

We'd like to minimise some of the information and only have exact pieces that would help when someone is being woken up by a page.