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BT's are not discovered in Prod


Some of the BT's are not discovered in AppDynamics controller due to load not present in the environment.

We have two environment Dev & Prod, in dev app team is able to generate load and able to configure the health rules and dashboards.  Customer is looking the same in production as well, but in prod due to no load the BT's are not discovered, we are unable to meet the exceptions.

Can discover BT's in controller without any load? Or is their any other way we can address this requirement.

We can't expect much load in production in near future, but we need to finish with health rules and dashboards for the go live. 

Thank you in Advance!!


AppDynamics Team

Hi @Mohan.J , Thanks for posting your question on the AppDynamics Community. 
Yes, a small amount of load is required for BTs to be found. However, the Config Exporter tool can assist you if you need to migrate your configuration, Health Rule, Alerts, and dashboard from the test to the production controller. A tool called a "config exporter" can be used to move configuration across controllers or apps. The configuration can be downloaded as a file or imported straight into another controller or application.

This tool is provided by the AppDynamics Professional Service/AppD Support Team.  To engage with Professional Service/AppD Support Team, please contact your AppDynamics representative at your organization.