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BMC TrueSight integration


Hi There,


someone did integration between AppDynamics and BMC TrueSight Operations? Customer asks for this integrations, I mean, AppDynamics sending metrics to BMC TO.


Tks all





Has anyone gone through this? :)



Have done an event integration to TSOM in one of my previous workplaces. You will not be able to send in performance metrics though.


Two ways to do this, one would be with Webhooks, second would be the more familiar way for all BMC users, the msend


I mostly did it old school msend way, below 4 pointers might help you plan but it's still a lot of heavy lifting you will have to do on BEM to get this right.


1. Create a remote cell in Truesight [Idea here is to forward events from appdynamics to this cell and forward to mastercell for processing]


2. Under appdynamics actions create a custom action to execute a script, which will call the msend with the event details as arguments. [Strongly recommend you first decide on the mappings between appdynamics slots and truesight slots]


3. You will have to create MRL file with rules on the remote cell server for refine, de-dupe and auto closure 


4. Recompile, reload and test out.


Hi madankumar,


many tks for your reply. Actually I've created a HTTP Request Template using this informations and works fine for our customer :)


RAW URL:  http://pnthx02b/bppmws/api/Event/create?routingId=pncell_pnthx02b&routingIdType=CELL_NAME 



      "eventSourceHostName": "servidor.interno",
      "eventSourceIPAddress": "",
      "attributes": {
          "CLASS": "EVENT",
          "mc_object": "${}${}",
          "mc_object_class": "AppDynamics",
          "mc_object_uri": "${latestEvent.deepLink}",
          "mc_parameter": "${}",
          "severity": "${ts_severity}",
          "msg": "APM ${latestEvent.severity} Application ${} Tier  ${} NodeName ${} $!{latestEvent.summaryMessage.replace('<b>','')}"

Good to know you got it working.

Really nice to see you are using webhook instead of msnd.

How did you pass the tsim authentication token for this ? or was it not required ? As per bmc docs token is required.

Hi Sameer, I've passed the TSIM authentication token.

Hi Rafael


how you have passed token authentication ?

where you given token details and how you get it regenerate after 24 hours?