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Alerts setup for transaction volume greater or lesser

Hi Team,

I need to set up an alert for node-level transaction volume. Please suggest a good method.


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Claudia Landivar, Community Manager & Editor


Community Manager

@Rahul.Gunasekaran You need to set up a health rule for this. You can set the "Affected Entities" to "Tier / Node Health..." and then select "Nodes" as to what this rule will affect. From there, you can then set your critical and warning criteria for min/max values of whatever performance metric you that average response time, errors per minute, etc. 

Once you have a health rule, you configure a policy to take an, sms, script, etc.  

Community Manager

@Rahul.Gunasekaran This is a great document...hopefully it will help you identify the types of rules that apply to your needs.