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API to extract Server Metrics

New Poster

On the home page of AppDynamics, we have Server tab which lists all of our servers.  I would like to extract server resource utilization details such as CPU, Memory consumed.


I checked on Metric Browser with following path:


Application Infrastructure Performance|Tier_Name|Hardware Resources|Memory|Used %


In this path I do not see any values at all.


But on the home page, server tab, I see all of our servers listed along with metrics that I'm looking for.... is there an API that I can refer to pick these server resources consumption metrics?


Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Raghu,


To get the server metrics are you looking it at the metric browser from the "Server" tab. I looked at the below path for Memory consumed:


Application Infrastructure Performance|Root|Individual Nodes|ip-xxxx|Hardware Resources|Memory|Used %

Nawaz, Thank You it helped