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POC of AppDynamics


POC of AppDynamics

Currently doing a POC between AppDynamics, New Relic and Site24x7.  Each all have there pro's and cons.


My issues wity AppDynamics is I need some assitnance/questions with User Experance and Infrastrucutre monitoring (for AWS) . 


I tried to open a support ticket, but get access denined and I reached out Sales for last 3 days and nothing.


I have used AppDynamics in the past (at Healthplan Services) and  would potential like to use going forward at new company  



Paul Kuiper

POC of AppDynamics

Re: POC of AppDynamics

Hi Paul, how are you?


Let me know what is your doubt about UX and IM. What do you need to know?





Re: POC of AppDynamics

When trying to create a UE Applicaiton, getting "Limit reached for: APPLICATION; Scope: Controller; Limit: 20000"


Tried to open a support ticket, but getting access denied


Re: POC of AppDynamics

Hi Paul,


it's look you have some limitation when using this trial do PoV this. Is better you contact AppDynamics account or any partner to help you.


To open tickets I think you need contact some representant of AppDynamics in your country to get more details about how to open this tickets and about your limitation to try this solution as UX.

Re: POC of AppDynamics

Can you share more details about your PoV?


SaaS or On-Premises? Are Wich technologies involved ins this PoV?