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Is there a way to copy a node


Is there a way to copy a node

Good day,


We have situation where we are  running docker instances with Node JS agent. The Appdynamics NPM module calls out to to pull native dependencies for each platform and NodeJS version. As such, npm and yarn install commands will fail with checksum errors if the development platform and build-time platforms are different when package-lock or yarn.lock files are used.Our applications are typically developed on either Windows or the Mac OS and are built on Linux, causing checksum errors due to AppDynamics.As per docs from Appdynamics  the directions is to either ensure that the development and build-time platforms are the same or to not use lock files in applications.The purpose of a lock file is to provide consistency between application builds by ensuring that all packages and their dependencies are installed in the exact same way across environments. They protect teams from situations where a fresh install pulls a newer version of a transient dependency which causes a behavioral change that is not expected or evident to the development team. This generally results in a significant investment of time to identify and address.Dependency locking is a recommended practice for node apps and is one that we recommend to our teams. Having our teams not to lock dependencies so that they can use a single module is not acceptable by our CISO.

If a security issue is discovered in one of the dynamic dependencies in AppDynamics, we can’t simply remove the offending version from our mirror as those dynamic dependencies will be pulled at build time anyway.


The suggestion from AppDynamics on this forum thread to disguise the user agent and manually copy it to the machine is a good approach but is not scalable and is unacceptable for our organization.



I was wondering if the controller has a copy option where once my new agent gets registered i could intiate a copy from an already existing node.


This feature will save a lot of time for environments trying to scale in the cloud.



Best Regards,

Ajay Mathews

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Is there a way to copy a node