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Advanced Remediation Scripts


Hello Community, 


First post.

I'm trying to create an advanced remediation script that can automatically take heap dumps and restart a java instance. Due to some of our customers running custom jobs, they need to be able to decide WHEN this remediation is run, so I configured it to send an e-mail. It works perfectly, and it doesn't allow two remediation scripts to run at the same time. 

I'm trying to take this to the next level, however. As well as the e-mail I would like to post information to one of our internal systems and provide the URL link for the remediation script. Looking over a few runs of this it looks like the only thing that changes is the triggerID. 

(changed the variables below for security purposes)

First e-mail sent the remediation link:

Second e-mail sent for a new event had the remedation link of:

I've searched through the documentation for available variables but I could not find the "triggerId" so  Ican create the proper http post payload:

Jason Fane

Advanced Remediation Scripts