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Time spent on a page


Time spent on a page

As part of web analytics and managing your user experience, "Time spent on a page" is an important metric to analyse for user engagement measurements.


Inside a user session I am able to see the information as seen in the image below. 


time spent on a page.jpg


I can see that the controller is able to tell when the next page event occurs, i.e. at what time difference from the beginning of this session, e.g. at +1 min 38.658s since the beginning of this session.


I am interested to extract this time difference w.r.t. the previous page so that I am able to identify the time spent on a page.


How can I extract this 'time spent on a page' data from user sessions in AppDynamics RUM?


@Suneel.Dhingra @Yadiraj.Narayana 

Time spent on a page