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Business iQ (Analytics)

Standalone analytics agent(s) in container


Standalone analytics agent(s) in container

Hi. Is anyone running their analytics agents in containers? I can see a lot of advantages in this.

  1. LCM.
  2. Easy deployment.
  3. Availability.
  4. Easy scale up/down
  5. Built in load balancing (depending on container infrastructire)
  6. Central point for all transacation analytics, makes configuring APM agents easy.

Any disadvantages you can think of?

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Standalone analytics agent(s) in container
AppDynamics Team

We do not have anything for stand alone analytics agent but we do have a deployment for machine agent. please refer the below knowledge base article:

Hi. Yes I know I'm using the machine agent docker file in another project. I was more interested in the common opinion/best practise about running a bunch of Analytics agents in containers. Pros & cons etc.