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Query to get time spend in a flow of pages


We have a shop flow consiting of a number of pages, and I need to track the sum of avg. response time for all pages in flow. E.g. the flow consists of:

Page 1: avg. end use response time of 3 sec.

Page 2: 4 sec.

Page 3: 2 sec.

So total time for flow is 9 sec. I need to make a times series graphs which shows how this total develops over time.

I can get average for all pages in scope with this query, but can find out how to get the sum of all pages:


SELECT pagename, avg(metrics.`End User Response Time (ms)`) FROM browser_records WHERE pagename IN ("","","")


Any help would be highly appreciated, thanks :)


AppDynamics Team

Did you experiment with the ADQL series function?