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Pull log data from AppDynamics




  we are validating one of our  Mobile Apps in AppDynamics.We could like to pull/Extract the metrics data from appDynamics to Hadoop Platform.

  The data can be extract through ADSQL,but we want raw log format data from AppDynamics metrics.






AppDynamics Team

Arun, you mention "extract metrics" as well as ADQL in your ask. So I'm a bit confused about your exact ask. If you could kindly elaborate with sample data format / use case, that would help refine our response. But incase you were not already aware, we provide a couple of API options to extract data out

- see - which should address your need to extract all the metrics

- see for the Analytics data extraction technique


If the above links don't help give you an idea, please provide us an example of what you are looking for..



 My requirement is,I need to pull down different metrics(log,Transaction,session) information for our  mobile application to Hadoop enviorment.

 I could pull data from search --> Advance (ADSQL),but i could extract only 1000 records,i could not pull beyond that.

I have more than 5000 records.i need to extract all this records at single stretch.


is there possbile way I could schedule export from AppyDynamics ?


your help is appreciated here.

Arun, if your ADQL query is anything but a simple SELECT * type query(what is called as aggregate queries), then there is a current limitation of 1000 Results. This is something that is being considered for improvement shortly. But this is a limitation today. 


If its a simple SELECT * type query and still hitting this limit, please post back with a live example..Thanks



  i have attached the screenshot of ADSQL mobile_snapshot table,where it has 1046 reords.when Executing simple select * queries. we could get only 1000 records.




  do you have date convesion function available in ADSQL.When we try to extract date which is (30/02/17 8:02:15 PM)  it was unreadable format  1.49E+12.


  how can i convert this date into timestamp.






AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @SR.Arun


Have you found out the solution to the problem?


Note that Application Analytics support 1,000,000 business transaction events per 24-hour period. There is no date conversion function currently available in ADQL. However, keep an eye on the upcoming release updates, we will release the functionality soon.


We would also recommend referring to the following ADQL Data doc to learn more about how to collect various types of data for analytics.


Hope it helps.