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Custom Method Data Collectors to Custom Metrics



I have a question about how to pull custom method data collector values and add them to custom metrics which can be used in dashboard widgets on app dynamics. I have configured the data collectors to pull the values from a given endpoint and have validated the values are being pulled from snapshots, however when I navigate to the analytics tab and search for the custom method data it is not present. I have double checked that transaction analytics is enabled for this application's business transaction in question, and the data collector is shown in the transaction analytics - manual data collectors section of analytics. The only issue is getting these custom method data collectors to populate in the Custom Method Data section of the search tab of analytics so that I can create custom metrics on this data. Any help is much appreciated!


Hey Jason.  Did you make sure to pick the business transactions where the methods will show up, after you created the collectors?  If you don't, the data will never make it to Analytics.analytics1.png

... you have to click the data collector rule you want to choose the business transactions for, to highlight it, and then click on 'Configure Transactions using this Data Collector,' to bring up this box, where you select the business transactions within which the method will be called, and move it over the the left, then click 'save.'  If you haven't done this part, the data will never make it to Analytics, even if it is showing up in Snapshots.