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Trace-Log Correlation with Cloud Native Application Observability

Community Manager

There is a brand new feature for Cloud Native Application Observability (formerly known as AppDynamics Cloud) that will help with modern application troubleshooting.

What's this business about reducing the time and effort for troubleshooting?

Well, by leveraging the new trace-log correlation feature, once you pinpoint performance issues within business transactions, a straightforward process provided by Cloud Native Application Observability, the traces subjected to bottlenecks will have the associated logs identified so you can effortlessly discover the root cause without having to dig through countless log files or switch between different tools and lose the valuable context pertinent to fixing performance issues.

We are talking about reducing the number of clicks it takes to get to resolving issues, so this is a huge time saver, and a huge increase in productivity!

Car to see it in action? Check out the video below and learn more by reading the Trace and Log Correlation documentation.