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AppDynamics Team (Retired)

AppDynamics is simplifying agent management for SaaS and on-premises deployments

Post_simplified agent_2023 05.png Cisco AppDynamics is addressing the time-consuming and labor-intensive demands of agent management, with new capabilities that bring the ability to automate installations across thousands of hosts and start collecting data in hours.

On the AppDynamics Blog | see Simplifying agent management for AppDynamics SaaS and On-Premises, written by Manasa HGCisco AppDynamics Engineering Product Manager.


Phase one of a simplified agent management

Controller agnostic, this set of features can run independently of your chosen AppDynamics platform deployment types—the first of many innovations for both SaaS and on-premises. Now, you can:

  • Autodiscover and monitor existing applications, irrespective of multiple technologies and languages, and integrate them into existing CI/CD and tooling pipelines
  • Schedule events to minimize peak-period disruptions
  • Automate rollbacks of agent upgrades 
  • Secure deployments from our repository or yours
  • Automate upgrades to the latest versions

In this first phase, you'll be able to use Ansible scripts, Helm Charts and VMWare Tanzu (Cloud Foundry) with these features. And additional expansions and enhancements are on the horizon.


See a full discussion on the Blog including
what these new enhancements offer,

how you can implement them, and what the future looks like
Simplifying agent management for AppDynamics SaaS and On-Premises