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Community Manager

Community Kudos, Member Participation January thru March 2021


Hello AppD Community!

We thought it would be fun to celebrate and call out member participation every few months. Welcome to the first blog for “Kudos to You!” 

Thank you to all the members who created awesome content, helped craft accepted solutions, and just dove in head first! Please add your additional callouts and highlights in the comments (below)... your general thoughts and suggestions are always welcome here too. 

Ryan Paredez, Community Manager
Claudia Landivar, Community Manager & Editor
AppDynamics Community Team


Table of Contents


Valuable insights


  • AppD Community Team’s pick! Fantastic Dashboards
    Check out Rob.Karlin’s beautiful and highly usable dashboards. He’s provided the community with 21 JSON files, zipped and ready to download for mapping to your metrics, whether your interests are executive, operational, or developmental.


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You too can contribute and share what you know.

Might we suggest you Share a Tip? This is an easy way to get started today. 


You asked: they answered with a solution that works


Friendly Reminder: When something works, click the Accepted Solution button.
When you do it, others have an easy way to find answers, too. 


We see you! Thanks for all you do...

As a peer-to-peer community, our worth is certainly reflected in the energy members bring to it. Thank you for taking the time to read, learn, engage in conversation, and contribute both your experiences and your solutions. It makes all the difference.


A special shout-out to these members, below. They offered their expertise, a helping hand, contributed to enriching community content by their actions in liking, voting, reading, commenting, and more:


Top Row.png

Carsten.Vikkelso Jensen Mario.Morelli     Nawaz Ali.Mohammad


Bottom Rom.png




Looking forward to seeing you all around!
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