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AppDynamics Team (Retired)



Learn how you can outpace the IT challenges we know will continue this year. Training sessions at Transform 2021 will give you the tools you need to meet issues head-on and contribute to shape observability at your company, day-to-day.

Training sign-up is available to Transform 2021 registrants, but seats are limited. 

Training Sessions

AppD 101

AMER February 25

EMEA March 10

APAC March 12

Get a hands-on experience with the essentials of APM, including database and browser monitoring using AppDynamics agents and Controller UI. 

Learn how to:

  • Configure business transaction detection rules, health rules and alerts
  • Conduct basic troubleshooting
  • Make the most of AppDynamics activity monitoring at the database and at the end-user browser

Business Insights Using AppDynamics

AMER February 26

EMEA March 10

APAC March 12

How can you meet your Business iQ goals? This hands-on lab session offers a guided experience of how to use AppDynamics Analytics features and data to effectively produce real-time insights into the sources of impact on your business performance. 

Learn how to:

  • Create dashboards, step-by-step, that meet the goals of specific BiQ use cases
  • Define and manage analytics searches, metrics and visualizations
  • Use some specialized Business iQ features like the Funnel Widget, Experience Level Management, and Business Journeys

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AMER February 23-26  |   EMEA  March 9-10   |   APAC  March 11-12