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What do the new default Community avatars mean for me? 


Hello everyone, 

In the coming weeks, we’re launching new default avatars for an update to our visual presence. These Cisco AppDynamics branded avatars will align with Community’s evolving look. We hope you find the new set of 5 (default) avatars as fresh and fun as we do. 

While this change doesn’t impact Community programs or function, they’re symbolic of other changes also planned and around the corner. We’re looking forward to seeing all these new avatars across the Community, and —as always— to hearing what you think. 

Claudia and Ryan, 
Your Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers 


How does this impact me? 

I’m using a default avatar now 

If your profile has the default avatar, a replacement from the new set will be randomly assigned. 

I’ve got a different image, which I chose, on my profile 

If you have your own image, nothing should change.


What if I’d rather have a different image? 

No problem! You can always change your avatar image. Here are the instructions. 


Wait, what do the current default avatars look like? 

Oh... it’s these ones, and all their friends. 
Bitmap 2.pngBitmap 3.png  Bitmap 5.png  Bitmap 6.png
Bitmap 7.pngBitmap 8.pngBitmap.pngBitmap 4.png


What will the new ones look like? 

We’re committed to surprising you! Stay tuned.