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Community Manager

Hello everyone,

We are in the process of updating the design and content of the community emails. We rolled out 6 of them today. Look out for the 6 emails listed below, you should see an updated design and current logo. Do let us know if you see anything off with any of those emails.

  • Kudos: This is when someone "likes" your post but hitting the thumbs up button
  • General Subscription: This is the email you get when someone responds back to a post you wrote, responded to or subscribe to
  • Accepted Solution: When your reply to a post is picked as the Accepted Solution (woo!)
  • Accept as Solution Reminder: This email triggers a few days after someone has responded back to your originally authored post. It is a nudge to either mark the response as the Accepted Solution or responds back to the latest comment
  • @mentions: When someone tags you in a thread
  • @Mention Content: This is when you mention existing content in the community. It is similar to tagging a person, but content.

We also rolled out a new version of Private Messaging (PM) that is focused on making PMs threaded so the conversation is continuous and easier to follow.

There is a bit of an issue where the PM user interface overlaps with the footer of the community. 

We are investigating a fix. So far, I've still been able to use the feature, but it might be easier to read any PMs via email and then respond to the PM in the Community. (We do not support replies to posts or PMs via emails. They need to be done directly on the community website. 

Please let us know if you see any other issues with emails or PMs. You can respond directly to this post and we'll take action. 

Claudia & Ryan, your AppD Community Managers