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Community Manager

While the new Community avatars are pushed to production August 29 starting 10pm PST, we may experience slowness and downtime for site notifications and email.


Hello everyone, 

We’re planning to go live with the new Community avatars overnight between Tuesday night at 10pm PDT (August 29) and Wednesday morning (August 30).

During that time, there is a potential for slow site response. Also, Community notifications and emails will be disabled until the process is complete, which we expect to only take a few hours.  

Claudia and Ryan, 
Your Cisco AppDynamics Community Managers 


What’s happening with the avatars again? 

  • We’re uploading new avatar images 
  • For profiles using a default avatar, one from the new set will be randomly and automatically assigned
  • Using your own avatar? There is no planned change to your chosen avatar
  • The old default avatars will be removed from the image library, so they won’t be available after Tuesday night 


Is it too late to choose my own avatar image? 

Nope! It’s never too late. Here are the instructions. 

You can change it now if you prefer to avoid the automatic avatar image assignment or change it anytime afterward. It's probably best to avoid changing your profile avatar while this process is underway between Tuesday night and Wednesday morning PDT. 


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