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AppDynamics Team

Congratulations AppDynamics certification recipients, October 2021

We are proud to present the most recent cohort of certified candidates, who have invested time to advance their careers with these outstanding achievements. The individuals listed here attained a new AppDynamics certification, or extended their existing qualifications, during October, 2021. 

Read about new opportunities associated with our recently announced certification badge family

Congratulations again to our certified community!
Graeme Johnston, Head of Certification


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Meet AppDynamics’ certification recipients, October 2021

NOTE | The rosters list recipients in alphabetical order, by surname. Click the certification heading link to open its corresponding qualification page.

AppDynamics Certified Associate Performance Analyst 

This qualification is for candidates who use our technology to monitor their applications, systems, and business processes.

Kedar Kashinath Bhusanikar

Prasad Mogal

Jay Riggins

Varun Ganesh

Jason Pfeifer

Hanih Saneen

Corinne Garcia

Armando Regnault

Jason Shaffner

Dietrich Meier



AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator 

This qualification is for technicians who manage their AppDynamics environment.

Kedar Kashinath Bhusanikar

 Armando Regnault

Marrell Sanders


AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional 

This qualification is for senior technical resources who deploy and configure AppDynamics on-premises installations. Often, AppDynamics partners pursue this certification.

Kedar Kashinath Bhusanikar

Duncan McKendrick

Michael Poyser

Jay Riggins

Manoharan Selvaraj

Jason Shaffner


*Special congratulations in October 2021 to the following...
Kedar Kashinath Bhusanikar for having attained all three AppDynamics professional certifications: Certified Associate Performance Analyst, Certified Associate Administrator, and AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional
Duncan McKendrick for having attained both AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator and AppDynamics Certified Implementation Professional certification
Armando Regnault for having attained both AppDynamics Certified Associate Administrator and AppDynamics Associate Performance Analyst certification
Jay Riggins and Jason Shaffner for having attained both AppDynamics Certified Associate Performance Analyst and AppDynamics Professional Implementer certification

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Recent certification recipients deliver session at Cisco DevNet

Kudos to Jay Riggins, Senior Technical Consultant and Jason Shaffner, Solutions Architect, Sirius Federal for their informative session on DevSecOps Performance Test Automation at the recent Cisco DevNet Create 2021 event.  

You can currently view a replay of the DevNet Create 2021 site (free with no sign-up)The session includes a demo of the value of integrating AppDynamics monitoring with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps environments to dramatically shorten the overall testing window for new applications and modifications. Valuable performance insights are generated when migrating applications to the Cloud or other platforms.

TIP: The video is a little way down the page. Just enter ‘DevSecOps Performance Test Automation' in the search bar at the top of the DevNet Create 2021 page

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What certifications does AppDynamics offer?

AppDynamics offers three industry-recognized role-based certification tracks. Thinking about working toward your own AppDynamics certification? Want a new challenge to recognize your expertise? Learn more about AppDynamics technical certifications on the program page at

Or delve right into the individual certification tracks, including requirements and individual preparation guides for each:

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Get AppDynamics-recognized with certification badges

GraemeJohnston_0-1633637815077.png    GraemeJohnston_1-1633637815084.png    GraemeJohnston_2-1633637815013.png

We’ve been excited to catch sight of the new AppDynamics technical certification badges on LinkedIn and elsewhere on the web. People are sharing their badges everywhere from  email signatures to LinkedIn profiles 

If you hold a current AppDynamics certification, you should already have received guidance, via Credly, on how to claim use of your  certification badges. Read the details in the Introducing our new AppDynamics Technical Certification badges FAQ article, in the AppDynamics University Group.


Learning Recognition badges showcase your functional knowledge

Our latest credentials are Learning Recognition badges. Earned after you successfully complete specific learning plans in AppDynamics University—they show your comprehension level and mastery, consistent with each plan’s specific job function-centrered objectives.

Read the details in our Introducing AppDynamics Learning Recognition badges FAQ article.

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