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Download your learning history from AppDynamics University this week by December 14. Then, register for your new Cisco U. account before this Friday, December 15 when the migration will complete!

It’s almost time! This Friday, December 15, 2023, AppDynamics University will transfer to Cisco U. To prepare for a successful transition, set some time in your calendar and follow these steps before Thursday, December 14, 2023 at 5pm PST.  We hope you’re as excited as we are! 

Below, find guidance for our learners and for our Company Administrators. 

What do I do if I am a learner? | What do I do if I am a Company Administrator? | Additional resources



As an AppDynamics University learner, what steps do I need to take?

Ahead of the migration

1. Finish your in-progress self-paced training on AppDynamics University. 

In a future Cisco U. enhancement, your completed self-paced training from AppDynamics University will display in your Cisco U. account.  

IMPORTANT | Partially-completed self-paced training will not transfer. Completed instructor-led training history will not transfer. 


2. Save your AppDynamics University learning history by 5pm PST on Thursday, December 14, 2023. 

Follow the directions in this AppDynamics Community post: How to save your AppDynamics learning history before our move to Cisco U. This is an important step to keep your complete AppDynamics training history.  


3. Register for Cisco U. Free using your AppDynamics University account email. 

Use the same email address we sent this email to and register for Cisco U. Free. It’s important to use the same email address as in your AppDynamics University account so that your completed self-paced courses will be visible in Cisco U. in a future enhancement.   

  • Standard University learners: After December 15, you will continue to have access to select self-paced AppDynamics courses in Cisco U. Free. See how much more you get with Cisco U. Free.
  • Premium and Multi-User learners: After December 15, you will see your new Cisco U. Free account convert to Cisco U. Essentials, which includes all available AppDynamics self-paced content.

    Migrating subscribers will also have access to AppDynamics instructor-led training. Cisco U. Essentials and AppDynamics instructor-led training access will continue until the end date of your original AppDynamics University subscription.

    IMPORTANT | As part of the migration, AppDynamics Premium and Multi-User University users who are assigned a seat on a Cisco U. subscription will receive automated confirmation emails from Cisco U. These are  not your Cisco U. login registration confirmation. Be sure to follow the process here to ensure your Cisco U. login registration is complete.


After the migration

4. Log in to Cisco U. on December 15, 2023, to find just how much learning is available.  

Cisco U. will include your AppDynamics courses and so much more. Find content on Networking, Cloud and Computing, Software, Security, and Data Center in a variety of content types.

Upskill and cross-skill with Learning Paths guiding to certifications, self-assessments to gauge your starting point, courses, tutorials, and videos. Get started with recommendations based on your interests. Bookmark the content you want to learn and create your unique learning journey.  


If you are a Company Administrator:

1. Register for a Cisco U. Free account using the same email as your AppDynamics University account.  

It is very important that you register for Cisco U. using the same email address used for your AppDynamics University account.  


2. Log into Cisco U. on December 15, 2023, and find your Profile Icon (initials) at top-right. 

Under the Profile Icon drop-down, you should see Customer Admin as an option. This is the Cisco U. Customer Admin Portal. Note: If you do not see Customer Admin as an option, select Profile Icon > Help & Support > Submit an issue for assistance. 


3. Use the Customer Admin Portal to manage your Cisco U. account. 

Under the Profile icon at top-right, you should see Customer Admin > Learners among the drop-down choices. Select Learners to view the user names on your subscription who have registered for Cisco U. with the same email address used for their AppDynamics University account.

Users who registered for Cisco U. using a different email address or who have not registered for their Cisco U. account will not display. 


Additional resources

Learn more about Cisco U. and  the migration: