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Community Manager

Hello everyone, 

I’m excited to announce we have just gone live with a new way for you to interact with content Labels in the Community.  

What are Labels again? 

Labels are used in the Community to help you find content about a specific topic. Labels can currently be found on Community News & Announcements, the Knowledge Base and the Idea Exchange. Content in these areas are assigned at least but sometimes more than one Label so that you can click on the Label you’ll see all content around that topic. 

Note:  You can  ‘Subscribe’ to any Label you see on the Community. This means you can be notified via email anytime a new piece of content is created with that Label, allowing you to stay up to date on the topics you care about. 

What’s ‘new’ with Labels?  

Labels have a new location 

You may be used to seeing Labels on the right side of the page. You will now see Labels toward the top of each page, just above the content feed. 

See below for an example of how Labels will look in the Knowledge Base. 
Note: Some areas in the Community, like the Knowledge base, have a lot of Labels, so you’ll see purple ‘next page’ buttons that you can click to view the next page of Labels. 

A screenshot showing Knowledge Base LabelsA screenshot showing Knowledge Base Labels


Filter by more than one Label 

Previously, you could only filter content by one Label at a time. Those times are over. Now you can select multiple Labels.  

When you select more than one Label, it will show you content that has either of the Labels selected. The filter acts as an “or” not an “and”. 

How do I unselect a Label? 

Once you pick a Label, the content will immediately filter for you. To remove the Label from your results, just click on the Label you no longer want to use. 

How do I leave the Label Selection screen? 

With this new change, you are taken to a “Multiple Label Filter” results page once you select a Label. This page displays the results in a new format than you are used to seeing. Check out the screenshot below.  

A screenshot showing the 'Multiple Label Filter' results pageA screenshot showing the 'Multiple Label Filter' results page

When you want to get back to the normal content feed, (notice in the screenshot the ‘breadcrumb’ path shows you are on the “Multiple Label Filter” page), just click back one breadcrumb to return to the normal view for the part of the community you are on. 

Note: Even if you unselect all Labels, you will remain on this ‘Multiple Label Filter’ page, which displays Community content in a different format than what you might be used to. 


Feedback is welcomed 

I understand this will change the way you interact with the Community and the content. If you have any feedback about this change, let me know in the comments, or message me privately with a Private Message.  

Ryan, Cisco AppDynamics Community Manager 

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Community Manager


For some people, the Label filtering feature might be loading slowly. It's being looked into. If you click a Label and nothing happens, do your best and be patient while it loads