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Data collector for fetching http request properties



I would like to fetch HTTP request properties (not headers, not parameters) - according to attached picture; like RawUrl, UrlReferrer, or any other HTTP request property. Looking into transaction snapshots -> any given segment -> More -> Properties they're all there - but how do I go about creating a data collector for fetching any of these properties? Been looking into which seemed promising, and thinking about method invocation data collectors - but haven't really succeeded yet.


Anyone been able to create a data collector fetching HTTP request properties?






AppDynamics Team

Hi Mattias,


Here is an MIDC example to get the UrlReferrer property of the Request in an MVC app.  You would use the Invoked Object and a Getter Chain that simply uses the Request object and any property.



Thank you very much! Will give it a shot right away

Method signature? Guess it depends on the application? Examples:


Ended up fetching HTTPContext from System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequest - and Request is a property of the context:data_collector_http_request.PNG

Unfortunately no data is being collected based on System.Web.UI.Page.ProcessRequest ( - Parameter @ index 0 = HttpContext, fetching property Request from HttpContext and UrlReferrer from Request.


Am I missing something?

In your case you will need to add the fully qualified path which includes the Current context like so:


You can read about why in the Remarks here in the Microsoft docs.

Unfortunately, I am not on my dev machine to confirm this as I normally would but if my memory serves me, this should get you the results you need.

Unfortunately I can't get my data collector to pick up any HTTP request properties. Using Current.Request.UrlReferrer, also tried Request.UrlReferrer etc. Either I'm doing something wrong, or I've stumbled upon a bug! Any advice would be highly appreciated.

Weren't able to get the MIDC working - therefore fetched HTTP header Referer instead as a workaround. 

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