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AppDynamics Azure Site Extension Version Control


Hello all,


We are currently using Azure Site Extensions to monitor Azure services with AppDynamics. The main issue is that the Azure Site Extension for AppDynamics only allows for pulling of the latest minor version of the site extension. E.g. AppDynamics.WindowsAzure.SiteExtension.4.5.Release allows us to specify 4.5, but not the minor version like 21.8.1.


Some of our teams are having issues where the minor version of Azure Site Extension breaks their application and they are no longer able to revert. Teams also want to be able to specify the AppDynamics Site Extension minor version for their production environment so they have some control over what minor version is being run. We are looking for the ability to pull a specific minor version of the Azure Site Extensions so teams do not have their production environment breaking. 


Does anyone know of a solution for specifying the minor version of an AppDynamics Site Extension?