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AppDynamics Team

Your ticket will close after 14 U.S. PST business days. We will reach out to you during that time period to see if you are still encountering issues and need assistance.


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How do I create a follow-up ticket if my ticket was closed?

Open your closed support ticket and click the “Create a follow-up” link at the bottom of the ticket. See the screenshot below for reference.

Create a follow-up ticket.png


  • Reply back to the Support Engineers as soon as possible with additional information or a status update.
  • Provide real-time update or additional information on your issue as its unfolding.
  • Keep up a two-way dialogue with your Support Engineer to better assist in timely or quick resolution. It’s easier to troubleshoot as close to the incident as possible.


  • Don’t open a support ticket and abandon it. We want to help you resolve critical issues!
  • Avoid ambiguous language in your responses - provide specific errors and screenshots when appropriate.
  • Don’t open duplicate tickets because this will make it more difficult for us to keep track of your issue and respond quickly.

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