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Feature Enhancements

Heads Up - What Else You Should Know

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Resolved Issues

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We have released the v4.5.15 Controller and Enterprise Console (actual date Nov 1). Below are key product enhancements, recent agent updates and resolved issues in the month of October.

Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


What highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by each enhancement.




User and Performance


Admin and Implementer


Cloud-Native / DevOps

Support for .NET Core 3.0 on Linux



Support for Azure Functions running on AppService plan




Ease of Use

Dash Studio Beta, a new dashboarding experience to quickly and easily visualize critical data


Modernize Applications By Leveraging Microsoft Azure Platform and Services

AppDynamics announced support for .NET Core 3.0 for Windows and Linux along with enhanced support for App Service Web Apps, WebJobs, and Azure Functions. With our latest enhancements to the .NET Core 3.0 agent, AppDynamics provides deeper code instrumentation of applications running in Azure App Service Web Apps and WebJobs. On Linux OS, our agent can capture performance snapshots which automatically collect a complete call graph with the precise duration of every method, enabling faster troubleshooting of slow-running application code.


To learn more about the .NET Core 3.0 support along with our support for key Azure technologies, view our webinar on November 20, and access our documentation.


Design Dashboards in Minutes with Dash Studio

With 4.5.15, SaaS customers have access to the beta version of Dash Studio. Dash Studio is the new dashboarding experience with improvements to visualize critical data from AppD in minutes. With Dash Studio, quickly design new dashboards through the new Dashboard Editor using common data widgets, gain richer insights with enhanced data interactions through the Data Panel, and easily reuse dashboards with copy/paste commands.  


Dash Studio (Beta) appears under Dashboards & Reports. Your existing dashboards will not be impacted. We’re actively seeking user feedback to inform refinements and future capabilities so please submit feedback via the Feedback button within Dash Studio. 


To learn more about specific features, read the documentation.  Note: Dash Studio requires AppDynamics controller release 4.5.15 hotfix 1 (build or above.


Heads up - What else you should know 

  • User management has moved to from . Previously, company admins and license users managed users through different sites, leading to disconnected views of their user population. We now have a single, unified user management experience within where admins can see more user information, make changes more efficiently, and have greater control over their user population. Users will be automatically redirected from portal to accounts. (NOTE: This is not a controller/agent-specific update and does NOT impact most users directly.)

    Get more details on how company administrators and license administrators can use this unified experience.

  • We’ve added support for CPython3.8. Further information can be found in the documentation.


Share your feedback! Participate in a Beta today

We’re currently running some Beta programs and looking for your feedback:

  • [update] Serverless APM for NodeJS on AWS Lambda beta program is no longer in progress, it is now pending general availablity. Look for it soon!   
  • Submit feedback on the Dash Studio Beta through the in-product feedback button or on Community using the "Start a Discussion" button here.


Resolved Issues

The following list notes key issues that were resolved this month: 



  • Time series widget legends are not escaped in Analytics Dashboards (ANALYTICS-12042) 
  • Rule configuration for an EJB service endpoint doesn’t get saved (APMPLAT-11251)
  • Upstream business transaction card does not render metrics correctly (APMPLAT-12594)
  • Dashboard with custom time range opens properly (APMPLAT-12625)
  • Unable to access the business application's "User Experience App Integration" panel without account-level permissions (EUMUI 2519)
  • Stack trace “Application Diagnostic Data” errors removed prematurely (METADATA-7269)
  • Toggling Machine Agent for .NET Agent node/app in Controller UI results in 500 internal error (SERVER-7025)
  • Upgrade not setting sim.machines.reuse.enabled config key to true (SERVER-7351)
  • HTML partials are cached in browser causing functional errors (UIPLATF-8935)


.NET Agent

  • Passwords are not removed from the database connection string if the string includes a white space (DOTNET-3991)
  • The .NET Agent for Linux versions 4.5.13 and 4.5.14 process crashes when APPDYNAMICS_PREVIEW_FEATURE_ENABLED is set to true and application monitoring preview features such as custom business transactions or backend naming are implemented (DOTNET-4044)
  • A null reference exception occurs with .NET Agent versions 4.5.13 and 4.5.14 where instrumentation of the agent incorporates setting full-no-dependency to false (DOTNET-4066)


Controller - Alerting

  • Business transaction health rules are not being evaluated when the configuration ‘avoidMetricBrowserTraversal’ is set to true (ALERT-4258)


Custom Dashboards

  • Unable to change font color in Metric Value widget (UIPLATF-7847)
  • Shared dashboard is not able to load in Internet Explorer version 11.0.9600.19463 (UIPLATF-8907)


Database Agent

  • RDS monitoring throwing java.lang.IndexOutOfBoundsException with dbagent 4.5.x (DBMON-5024)

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