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Feature Enhancements

Heads Up - What Else You Should Know

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In November, we released the v4.5.16 Controller and Enterprise Console as well as key product enhancements and agent updates. We also resolved a series of issues associated with the previous release.


Please note: customers are advised to check backward compatibility in the Agent and Controller Compatibility documentation


What highlights should I know about?

These release highlights include the newest features and capabilities at-a-glance this month. In the grid below, we’ve flagged who may be most interested or impacted in your organization by each enhancement.




User and Performance


Admin and Implementer


AIOps Platform

SaaS BiQ resiliency and scalability



Business Insights

Agentless Analytics for Java



Cloud Native / DevOps

Support for .NET Core 3.0 on Windows


Kubernetes Cluster Agent


Ease of Use

DashStudio available for on-premises



AIOps Platform

Greater SaaS resiliency and scalability for analytics data and Business iQ.

Business Insights

Agentless Analytics for Java streamlines the implementation of Business iQ by removing the requirement that a separate agent be installed to populate analytics data.

Cloud-Native / DevOps

The AppDynamics .NET agent includes built-in instrumentation for the most popular parts of the .NET Core ecosystem, including frameworks, databases, and message queuing systems. Our latest agent release now supports .NET Core 3.0 that runs on both on-premises and in the cloud. Additional features include out-of-the-box visibility into ASP.NET Core 3.0 transactions to monitor their response time end-to-end, and automated root cause analysis using our enhanced AI/ML. Learn more about our support for .NET Core 3.0 here.


We have also released our AppDynamics Cluster Agent to monitor the cluster-level metadata of your containerized applications. The Cluster Agent can be deployed using the AppDynamics Kubernetes Operator, and providers container-level metrics and metadata for pods deployed to the Kubernetes cluster. You will now be able to gain visibility into key Kubernetes metrics and events to detect uptime and availability issues. Learn more about how to install our Cluster Agent here.


We are also proud to announce AppDynamics Serverless APM, supporting the instrumentation of AWS Lambda applications and microservices in both Node.js and Java. Serverless APM is packaged in the form of a tracer library for Java and Node.js serverless functions. Learn more about how to utilize our  AppDynamics Node.js Serverless Tracer, which provides functionality for Serverless APM for AWS Lambda here.

Ease of Use

Design Dashboards in Minutes - On Premises Availability to Dash Studio

Dash Studio is available to on-premises customers with controller release 4.5.16. Dash Studio is the new dashboarding experience that enables you to visualize critical data from AppD in minutes. With Dash Studio, quickly design new dashboards through the new Dashboard Editor using common data widgets, gain richer insights with enhanced data interactions through the Data Panel, and easily reuse dashboards with copy/paste commands.  


To begin using Dash Studio, enable the feature flag in your admin settings. Learn more about how to enable Dash Studio here. Once enabled, Dash Studio (Beta) appears under Dashboards & Reports. Your existing dashboards will not be impacted. We’re actively seeking user feedback to inform refinements and future capabilities so please submit feedback via the Feedback button within Dash Studio. 


Learn more about specific features here


Note: Dash Studio is available with AppDynamics controller release 4.5.15 hotfix 1 (build or above.


Heads up - What else you should know 

  • This latest release—v4.5.16 Controller and Enterprise Console— features a new, more intuitive way to set specific active/inactive periods for Health Rules: cron expressions have been replaced by a universal clock, in your own time zone.


Share your feedback! Participate in a Beta today

We’re currently running one Beta program and looking for your feedback:

  • Submit feedback on the Dash Studio Beta through the in-product feedback button or on Community here.


Resolved Issues

The following list notes key issues that were resolved this month. To see a complete of this month's resolved issues, see Resolved Issues by Month - November 2019



  • Business transaction health rules are not evaluated when the configuration 'avoidMetricBrowserTraversal' is set to true (ALERT-4148)
  • Internal Service Error thrown when renaming an Analytics search (ANALYTICS-11757)
  • Configure Analytics for Application drop-down menu does not populate available applications (ANALYTICS-11964)
  • Custom error logger works correctly with Nullable Type parameter (APMPLAT-11984)
  • Worker thread with an unbounded queue causes an "out of memory" (OOM) error (EUMPLAT-65)
  • Tier Dashboard's "Nodes" tab is not showing the correct node count (METADATA-5874)
  • Unable to change a title color in a "Time Series" widget (UIPLATF-8662)
  • Error when trying to access application in SaaS controller (after logging with SAML) (UIPLATF-8832)
  • HTML partials are cached in browser causing functional errors (UIPLATF-8844)


Database Agent

  • Business Transactions Executing Similar Queries and Components Executing Similar Queries - data is not getting populated in query detail page for ungrouped queries (DBMON-5585)
  • Custom metrics with trailing spaces are not getting reported to the controller (DBMON-5596)
  • Scans of the custom image for AppDynamics DB agent show vulnerabilities in java libraries (DBMON-5632)


.NET Agent

  • .NET Agent leaking connections for Transaction Analytics due to HTTP Sink operation (DBNET-4131)


Java Agent

  • Exit calls not always detected when wrapped in Ribbon framework (JAVA-3251)
  • 4.5.16 HF - Transactions start to fail when JVM is instrumented with AppDynamics JavaAgent v4.5.11 (JAVA-6656)

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