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In the month of February, we released the v4.5.6 Controller and Enterprise Console. Below are key enhancements and resolved issues associated with this latest version, as well as recent Agent updates (if the agent is not v4.5.6 it is noted below). Please note that Agents are backwards compatible with the Controller.


What are the highlights I should know about?

These release highlights will guide you through the newest features and capabilities. Notice in the grid below each feature enhancement identifies most interested or impacted users.



Feature Enhancement

User and



Admin and




Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens

Phased Upgrade for HA Controllers



Application Performance Monitoring 

.NET Agent for Linux

Java Support Enhancements

End User Monitoring

Fetch API Support for Single Page Applications (SPA)

Switzerland Regional EUM GeoMap Support    
Track and Display IoT License Consumption    
Mobile Programmatic Session Control    
Co-Exist with Other Crash Reporting Solutions  
Error Reporting for Xamarin Agents    
Business Performance ADQL DateTime Manipulation    
Global Top N in Series Function Improvements    
Integrations AppDynamics for SAP Enhancements
Extensions AWS ELB Monitoring Extension Update    


Removal of Adobe Flash-Based Screens

Removal of Adobe Flash-based screens continues to be a priority within the product. We are releasing 8 converted screens (listed below) as part of v4.5.6. There are only a few remaining flash screens in the product.

  • UX App Integration (BT, Correlation, JS Agent Injection)
  • Node Memory Screen
  • Memory Monitoring Main Page
  • Memory Monitoring CMS Dialog
  • Error Detection
  • Custom Service Endpoint
  • App Agent List and Machine Agent List Modals
  • Machine Agents


Phased Upgrade for HA Controllers

Upgrade your HA Controller with confidence: the Enterprise Console’s CLI for upgrades has been broken down into a guided, multi-step process that allows you to verify each step and roll back if you encounter any issues. Read the full documentation for details. 


.NET Agent for Linux

We are excited to announce support for .NET Core on Linux! After running through a beta program, we are making our first version of .NET Agent v4.5.7 for Linux available to the public. This release includes coverage for multiple distribution versions, including CentOS, Debian, and Alpine. Based on customer feedback, we included a sample Dockerfile to help you integrate the agent into your application deployment faster. Look out for a Pivotal Cloud Foundry buildpack in the future. We are not going to stop here — the plan is to continue adding more features and extend coverage with every monthly agent release! Read the full documentation for details.


Java Support Enhancements

Java Agent v4.5.6 provides full support for JDK11 installations and also provides out of the box configuration to instrument applications built using the latest version of the Play framework (2.6.x) and Akka HTTP with Scala 2.12. Read the full documentation for a list of supported environments.


Fetch API Support for Single Page Applications (SPA)

Starting in v4.5.6, we support the Fetch API for Single Page Applications, an alternative to XHR calls in AJAX, to monitor the performance of Fetch calls that were not previously captured. These additional data points provide you with an added layer of visibility into your application and a deeper look into ongoing performance issues, reducing the amount of time you spend on root cause analysis. Read the full documentation for details.


Switzerland Regional EUM GeoMap Support

AppDynamics users can now visualize regional performance in Switzerland, drilling into the GeoDashboard to view performance metrics by location. You also have the option to set this as a default view for easy access in the future.


Track and Display IoT License Consumption

To help you better understand your usage of IoT monitoring and license limits, your organization’s IoT license consumption will display in the License Page of the Controller.


Mobile Programmatic Session Control

In order to provide you with more control over your mobile sessions, we’re introducing a new API that can be used to define when a session starts and stops. For example, if capturing a mobile session after a period of user inactivity isn’t relevant to your organization but capturing it after particular network request is, you can customize the session stop definition to suit your needs. Read the full documentation AndroidiOSXamarin, and Cordova for details.


Co-Exist with Other Crash Reporting Solutions

For better results when diagnosing mobile issues, the iOS Agent will automatically detect if you are using a separate crash reporting tool and present you with an notification advising you to disable crash reporting in AppDynamics. Read the full documentation for details.


Error Reporting for Xamarin Agents

Previously available for only Android and iOS Agents, you can now instrument error reporting for the Xamarin Agent, enabling you to identify code issues faster. The Xamarin SDK will report caught exception and errors, then display them in the Session Details window for deeper insight into your mobile application’s performance. These errors can also be sorted by severity in the Code Issues Dashboard to help you address higher impacting issues. Read the full documentation for details.


ADQL DateTime Manipulation

You can now convert DateTime to Strings and Number using new ADQL functions. You have the option to convert a string or number object to a DateTime object to perform time series analysis. Similarly, you can easily convert a DateTime object to a number or a string to aggregate on the date or perform DateTime math. Read the full documentation for details.


Global Top N in Series Function Improvements

The Series function will now compute the global top-N over an entire period instead of the top-N for each of the time intervals during that period for a more intuitive analysis of how an application is performing over a longer period of time. For example, you will see the top 5 transactions over a series of 4 hours instead of viewing the top 5 transactions from each hour of that 4 hour period. This change currently applies to SaaS, with on-prem planned for a later release. Read the full documentation for details.


AppDynamics for SAP Enhancements

Several enhancements were added in v4.4.1812.0:

  • Support for HTTP proxy with username and password.
  • Automated certificate management for the Machine Agent and SDK to improve SSL management across components from end to end.
  • Importing of traces from SAPGUI transactions when they are user-defined. Some automated traces will be taken, while others will be imported on subsequent calls.
  • We’ve limited Jco overhead by reducing the number of exceptions and dumps.


Read the complete SAP release notes for details.


AWS ELB Monitoring Extension Update

The AWS ELB Monitoring Extension now optimizes the number of CloudWatch API calls by providing the ability to filter the CloudWatch data by dimension values.


See What’s Coming! Join a BETA today

We’re currently running BETA programs and we’re looking for new participants:


Resolved Issues

As part of 4.5.6, we addressed multiple product issues in order to create an improved customer experience. Below is a list of key issues that were resolved:


App iQ Platform and On-Premises Platform

  • Alerts triggered are missing event details and text ‘${event.eventMessage}’ is displayed instead, post controller upgrade to 4.5.4 (ALERT-2798)
  • Health rule evaluates historical nodes as well although ‘All nodes in the application’ filter is set (ALERT-2806)
  • Controller upgrade fails with customized keystore passwords (ECONSOLE-3803)
  • Free RAM checks fail on Windows (ECONSOLE-4006)
  • Nullpointer from snapshot when embedded flag is set to false (PLATCPS-8848)



  • Test Query is disabled by default on the Create Custom Metric window (DBMON-3971)
  • No data found on the Custom Dashboard for PostgreSQL Server Statistics metrics (DBMON-4297)
  • DB2 databases doesn't load in Test Custom Query (DBMON-4414)


Language Agents

  • Sorting by tier name does not work on Exception rate page (APMPLAT-10231)
  • Logger name typo (when collecting agent debug logs for java) (APMPLAT-10317)
  • Unable to render "App Server Agent Configuration" for all nodes (APMPLAT-10348)
  • Error 404 on UI when trying to disable agent (APMPLAT-10365)
  • Malformed metric strings with BT:0 and Th:null getting rejected by controller (JAVA-4656)
  • NullPointerException in HttpDataGatherer breaking application (JAVA-4742)
  • EUM Instrumentation is not happening correctly for Mulesoft (JAVA-4758)
  • Execution time in transaction snapshots is always showing zero (DLNATIVE-2129)
  • Agent's backward compatibility broken (DLNATIVE-2172)
  • Proxy code is not getting created in agent/logs dir (DLNATIVE-2208)



  • Upserts fail attempting to merge multiple requests concurrently (ANALYTICS-9964)


Get Started

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Additional Resources

More on AppDynamics with Docker, Kubernetes, Azure, AWS, and PCF>>

If you are interested in learning more about what AppDynamics has to offer by way of cloud monitoring, check out our new Monitoring Cloud Applications documentation page. We think it’s a great resource— it’s a comprehensive guide on our cloud platform providers and how to keep track of changes in your infrastructure and components.


Can’t find what you are looking for? Need more assistance? Ask a question in the Latest Release forum.