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AppDynamics Team (Retired)



The top 10 processes are not appearing on the SIM Dashboard, and the process list is not showing all the processes in the Controller UI.


In the Controller logs, the following error message appears, indicating that the maximum limit of SIM processes that the Machine agent can send to the Controller has been reached.


limit, sim.processes.count.maxPerMachine, is set to 1000 processes. This limit has been reached and will be reset after the next purging. Could not create 136 processes for machine 7|#]




There are two options to solve this problem.


 1. Increase the value of the sim.processes.count.maxPerMachine property.

  • Navigate to the Controller Adminstator page (http://<hostname>:<port>/controller/admin.jsp)
  • Log into the system account with the root user password. 
  • Click on Controller Settings.
  • Search for sim.processes.count.maxPerMachine count and increase the value from 1000 to the number of processes you want to monitor.


Note: Increasing this setting can affect the resource consumption of your deployment. Before you increase this setting, verify that your application environment and Controller can handle the increased resource requirements.



2. Control the number of processes being monitored.

  • Users who want to monitor only certain processes can open the <MachineAgentInstallDir>/extensions/ServerMonitoring/ServerMonitoring.yml file and enter the monitored process names in the processSelectorRegex field.




 We had the same problem increasing the limit to 3000 helped us get past for a while.  However after a day we again had the process tabs not show any data. The host itself had 1500 processes approx.


What's the purging logic?  It refers to a reset in the error message. Can we force a reset? I think increasing the limit again isn't a good idea. 





server.log_2018-06-08T14-34-36:[#|2018-06-08T14:34:31.502+1000|WARNING|glassfish 4.1|com.appdynamics.SIM|_ThreadID=884;_ThreadName=http-listener-2(301);_TimeMillis=1528432471502;_LevelValue=900;|#SIM000121 The maximum number of monitored processes per machine allowed has been reached for machine 421. The limit sim.processes.count.maxPerMachine is set to 3000 processes. This limit will be reset after the next process purging or when some processes are deleted by the user. Could not create 78 processes for machine 421|#]


Hi Sid

We are also experiencing this problem at the moment, Did you ever find a workable solution to this an did you see any remarkable overhead agent or controller overhead increases after increasing the limit?

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