Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)
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In webcontainer of threadpoolModule inside thread pools in JMX "active count" is not visible. what can be the reason behind this

Inside nodes --->JMX --> JMX metrics -->view JMX metrics -->JMX -->Thread Pools -->threadPoolModule -->Webcontainer -->poolsize   I am not able to find out why inside webcontainer only poolsize is coming, here we should also get the metrics ActiveCou...

Unable to configure java agent in spring batch application -java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com/singularity/ee/agent/appagent/java9/Java9Util

Hi,I have started the appdynamics free trial and  trying to configure appdynamics in my spring batch application in my local machine.I have downloaded java agent and set the arguments like below in my application run configuration. -javaagent:C:\AppD...