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Resolved! Changed SQL Capture to Capture Raw SQL now getting Max SQL Capture Length [999] Reached

Just recently changed SQL Capture settings from Filter Parameter Values to Capture Raw SQL.     Parameter values are now displaying fine, however, longer sql queries are now being truncated to 999 characters and seeing "Max SQL Capture Length [999] R...

Resolved! Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing

Hi,   I get the error   2017-02-28T15:40:47.800889709Z Error opening zip file or JAR manifest missing : /path/to/agent/appdynamics/appserveragent/javaagent.jar 2017-02-28T15:40:47.801251415Z Error occurred during initialization of VM 2017-02-28T15:40...

I am using jsvc in unix enviroment to launch apache_tomcat, no matter where i put the -javaagent:agn

NO matter where do i put the javaagent, no logs show up. Here is the command using ps -elf |grep javaagent     jsvc.exec -javaagent:/home/nohe/agent/javaagent.jar -java-home /usr/java -user nobody -pidfile /opt/apache-tomcat_1/logs/catalina-daemon.pi...

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