Java (Java Agent, Installation, JVM, and Controller Installation)
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Deleted a node by mistake from Tier & Nodes dashboard, now it doesn't show up on the Agents page

We installed a java agent 4.4.3 on a app server and it succesfully registered and showed on the Agents and under Tier & Nodes page.   However later we realised the node name needs to be updated and in the process my mistake we delete the node from th...

java agent issue java.lang.ClassNotFoundException:

Iam using java 7  with jboss4.2. I am facing the issue when  Load the Java Agent in a JVM  my command is   C:\Users\venkat.ramana>java -Xbootclasspath/a:C:\ProgramFiles\Java\jdk1.7.0_51\lib\tools.jar -jar E:\APPDynamics\javaagent.jar 3556 Attaching t...

How do you build a java client target ( to call AppDynamics health rules API ?

Question : Is there any example of how to correctly call the AppDynamics rest API health rules using java?   Summary: Our team is working on calling the health rules API in appDynamics using java ( library ) Below is ...