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Single server running Multiple Database Agents to two different controllers



Does anyone know or have experience of running two Database agents connnecting to two different tenants/controllers?


I have one collection server which currently runs the java Database agent for production databases collecting data for a production controller.

I want to set up another another java Database agent for development systems using the the same server but collecting data for a seperate development controller.


Many Thanks






AppDynamics Team

Hi Victor,


Yes if you are running multiple db agent instances on single server to connect to different DB Server's to capture performance metrics of your DB then it is acceptable to go with it and report them to different controller's. Accordingly you need to point those db agents to different controller using db agent configuration file located under <db-agent-install>/conf/controller-info.xml file or through system properties



Also i would like to add one more point just to alert you. If you want to run multiple db agent instances to connect to a single Database Server to capture DB Server metrics to report to controller, then it is not acceptable. Hence we do not recommend it as db agent is very aggresive in terms of capturing metrics on DB server. DB Agent captures metrics from your DB server on every minute by minute basis, which can put some pressure on your DB Server. 


If you are running multiple instance of DB Agent to connect to same DB Server, then it can create additional overhead on DB Server. Hence we suggest you to run 1 instance of db agent to report DB Server metrics to controller.



Please refer to docs link and also child links on left hand side of below referred link for more information.


Hope that clarifies your query




Perfect. Many Thanks. That worked


Hi Rajesh/Victor,


Is this the same case for single server two machine agents to two different controllers? Two machine agents will be targentting the same Application.


Please provide your inputs