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Query MachineAgents via JMX?


I'm debugging a MachineAgent that is sending custom metrics to a controller because there are occasional gaps in the metrics, or inconsistencies.


Does the MachineAgent enable ways to look at its internals at runtime via JMX? If so, could someone point to the documentation, I've failed to find any. To be clear, I'm debugging the state of the MachineAgent itself and plugins, not the process(es) it is monitoring.


Thanks in advance.


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Hi @Ken.Overton


Thank you for posting this query on the AppDynamics Community.


The Machine Agent does not monitor itself or collect its metrics. If you want to monitor a Machine Agent please install a Java Agent.


Hope it answers your question.

Thanks Radhika, what I'd like to do is query a local MachineAgent to compare metrics it has against metrics it has written to the Controller. Installing a Java Agent would just upload more metrics to the Controller, wouldn't it?


What does AppDynamics recommend for debugging MachineAgent plugins for these situations? If I add JMX support to my plugin, will it collide with anything that is already running within the MachineAgent?