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How can I generate a JavaCore dump on WebSphere Application Server ( kill -3 <PID.) using actions




We would like to generate a JavaCore which is similar to Thread Dumps on our WebSphere Application Servers (v8.5.5) running with the IBM JVM. I have implemented the available action of a Thread Dump to be fired if any hung threads are detected. However, the thread dump that is being captured does not have the complete information that we're looking for ( Stack Trace and full JVM related information)

The usual way the admins generate this information is by running the kill -3 <PID> command against the JVM process ID.


Is it possible to implement the same using the AppDynamics Thread Dump action?


Kind Regards,

Ashley Lewis

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Nawaz Ali.Mohammad
AppDynamics Team

Hello Ashley,


You may want to first create a Health Rule to detect the hung threads.

Then you may want to create a custom action where you can create a script to trigger the Java Core .
Follow the documentation


Now you may want to create a policy where you can add the HR created in Health Rule Scope and use the Custom Action in Actions.