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Healthrule against errors based on Baseline does not evaluate



I havea health rule defined against a set of Business Transactions based on the 'Business Transaction name contains' pattern. This will look for around 30 Business transactions to evaluate the policy. 


Now my Critical / warning conditions are validated against standard deviation on Dynamic Baseline and for metric 'Errors per minute'. Please find snapshot for better insight. 


None of the business transactions are getting evaluated under this health rule. Any suggestions?


AppDynamics Team (Retired)

Might be the baseline condition is not evaluating, you are using baseline of last 30 days. Could you try with any simple condition except baseline.

Please refer following document regarding baseline calculations -

If you setup HR against baseline's standred deviation(stdDev) comparison, then it works as:
X(for that data point the value of metric as configured in HR) > (Baseline (selected baseline)+ by Y stdDev)

Please refer following screenshot.


Screen Shot 2018-04-25 at 7.56.32 PM (1).png

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These baselines are working flawlessly for other metrics as I mentioned earlier, but just the Errors per min doesn't have it evaluated as expected. And to answer your point, yes I have tried it with using just a 'Specific Value' metric on the Critical condition and it worked just fine.


Also, even before evaluating, I would expect the baseline to show on the graphs from metric browser, but the baseline for Errors per min is always overlapped by current value, which as per my understanding, is that the baseline os not working for Errors per min. Please find attached graphs.

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