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HTTP calls missing from Application Flow Map after JDK Upgrade


We have one application (App A) which calls another app (App B) via HTTP(s) API. Both apps have AppD Machine and App agents installed. After performing an upgrade on App A from Java 1.8 to OpenJDK11, we are no longer seeing the interaction between App A & B on the Application Flow Map. 


Any idea why an HTTP API call would no longer show up on our Application Flow Map after a JDK upgrade? We know for certain the call is still being made, otherwise there'd be a much larger fire to put out.


  • App A is custom Java app running on OpenJDK11
    • This is what has changed
  • App B is a COTS Java app running on Java 1.8
  • App A connects to App B via HTTP(s) API call
  • Both App A and App B have machine agents installed and running
    • Both are running on Java 1.8




What version is your agents and controller? AppD supports OpenJDK11 but I think it has to be version 4.5.6 and on.

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