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Garbage Collection Time Spent


Garbage Collection Time Spent

for my java node, I can see the Heap details such as "Average Utilization", "Current Utilization" etc. but when I scroll down, I do not see any metrics captured for 

1) Garbage Collection - Time Spent - "no data available"

2) Garbage Collection - Minor collections - "no data available"

3) Garbage Collection - Major collections - "no data available"


memory pool is very well populated with data


I am using 

AppDynamics Controller build

Java - IBM J9 VM 1.8.0_191 IBM Corporation

Java Agent version - Server Agent v4.2.15.9 GA #15192 r${env.GIT_COMMIT}


Am I missing any configuration to enable the 1), 2) and 3) above?

Garbage Collection Time Spent